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Living In the Seasons- Introduction

As I have delved into the realms of ancient Chinese medicine and Western health and longevity, I've been drawn to these ideas. Firstly, that our minds and bodies are inherently attuned to the Earth. Secondly that living in harmony with the Earth's natural rhythms is foundational to a long, healthy, and happy life. Regardless of whether we believe in a Divine creator intricately crafting us for life on Earth or subscribe to the evolutionary view of our origins from more primitive life forms, one fact remains indisputable: we are an integral part of the natural world.

In the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine, humans are perceived as interconnected components of a greater whole. Our bodies are seen as microcosms intricately linked to the macrocosm, a vast environment that profoundly influences our daily well-being. These intricate patterns of reflection and interaction span from the celestial level down to the minute functions of our individual cells. Each of these interdependent layers exerts a discernible influence on the others. It's worth noting that our well-being is tied to our living environment, the complexities of our social networks, the changing seasons, and yes, even the celestial bodies above. These influences, though often subtle, are undeniable in their impact.

In our modern age, we revel in luxuries and comforts inconceivable to our predecessors. Many of these marvels have greatly enhanced our productivity, intelligence, and overall enjoyment of life. Yet, as I've heard from numerous individuals ensconced in the comfort of modern convenience, they frequently experience feelings of disconnection, purposelessness, and declining health. Much of this, I believe, is a result of our modern progress pulling us away from our intrinsic habitat, the place where we were intricately shaped and meant to thrive: the natural world.

In this series, we will dive deeper into the significance of reconnecting with the natural world, understanding how the ancient Chinese masters perceived it, and how to have a harmonious relationship with the changing seasons utilizing their profound impact on our bodies for health. Furthermore, we will explore practical ways to incorporate the natural world into your daily routines to enhance your health. Through this journey, my aspiration is that you, too, will unearth a profound sense of connection and belonging to our cherished planet.


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