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Allergy Elimination

An allergy is an abnormal, adverse physical reaction of the body to certain substances known as allergens or antigens, which may not affect other individuals. The body's immune system mistakenly identifies these substances as dangerous invaders and activates antibodies to defend itself. In Chinese medicine, this reaction disrupts the energy flow to the meridians. This blocked energy flow is the first step in a chain of events that can develop into an allergic reaction.

Allergies may manifest as the typical runny nose, itching eyes, sneezing, an itchy rash or as sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, arthritis, undiagnosed chronic pain, depression, cravings, addictions, fatigue, insomnia, and Attention Deficit Disorder. You may experience allergies or sensitivities to many things — the food you eat, the air you breathe (which carries pollens, fungus, and chemical toxins), radiation, medications, infectious agents (such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and candida) or even other people.

Your allergies may be genetic or may have developed as a result of exposure to deleterious chemicals, major illnesses, vaccinations, lack of nutrition, emotions, and stress.


At Center for the Healing Arts, we use a variety of different techniques for allergy elimination. Having been trained in such modalities as NAET,  BioSet,  NMT, and NET, your practitioner will determine which of the modalities best suits your needs and will base therapy on convenience and effectiveness for that patient.

All of these techniques combine Kinesiology (Muscle Responsive Testing), Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine to clear allergic reactions through a “reprogramming” of the brain.

These techniques can successfully desensitize the body in order to achieve an allergy-free state. Research has shown that when major allergies are eliminated and the immune system is strengthened, the body resumes normal healing and homeostasis.

Every substance on the earth, both living and non-living, has its own energy field. When two differing energy fields can not exist harmoniously, blockages and repulsion of energy occurs. Repulsion of energy causes a weakness in muscle strength.

Muscle response testing (MRT) or kinesiology helps us to determine the allergens that cause these blockages. When a substance perceived by the body to be an allergen is placed in the hand of the patient, the energy flow in affected meridians is weakened and the challenged muscle tests weaker.  In this way it is possible to communicate with the brain of the patient by triggering a mild response to the allergen.

Some patients may respond better to testing through another person or surrogate. These include young children and babies and patients who are weak or whose arms are very weak or injured.

During the initial exam, a thorough patient history will be taken and allergy testing will begin using kinesiology.  Once the allergens are identified and prioritized, acupressure and acupuncture are administered to reprogram the body’s response to future contacts and relieve the allergic symptoms.

The technique is non-invasive and involves stimulating specific acupuncture points along the spine while the patient holds the allergen. This clears the energy blockage and tells the brain that the allergens have been desensitized.  Although many allergens are cleared in one treatment, some may take multiple treatments or combinations of allergens may need to be treated. When the clearing process is completed the allergy has been eliminated from the body’s memory.

Self  Treatment Kits

In response to stay at home orders and for those of you who don't feel comfortable coming in at this time, we have put together allergy self-treatment kits which include the major environmental allergies. Along with that we are including a hand held  Red Laser Diode with single point 635nm stimulation which activates the acupoints effectively.


Grass and Grass Pollen

Weeds and Weed Pollen

Trees and Tree Pollen

Dust and Dust Mites

Molds, Fungus and Yeast



Viral Preventative Vial

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