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Herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our Herbal

We carry many herbal formulas from reputable companies such as Evergreen Herbs, Golden Flower Chinese Herbs, Apex Energetics, and Standard Process (to name a few). Most western herbs and vitamins are readily available from local health food stores. Because of this, we only carry a small inventory of these substances with products specifically designed for easy absorption.
   Because one cannot separate body, mind and spirit, emotional issues often prevent a person from reaching their optimal physical state. When we find these issues to be present, we will address them with a combination of therapy, flower essences, or aromatherapy to work on more subtle energies in the body. Often by using these modalities, patients can resolve longstanding emotional pain. Herbal therapy can not be separated from discussions of lifestyle and nutrition. As herbs are concentrated food therapy, we must also look at diet as a means of getting the body back to a state of balance. Depending on your condition, we may ask you to exclude certain foods from your diet or add others in to achieve this balance.



Herbal Oils used in homeopathy


Bottles of Homeopathy Globules


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