Testimonials for Antiviral Formulas

I began taking the Chinese Herbal Supplements after I had actually been experiencing symptoms such as a cough, fever and severe body aches. I have been disciplined in using the herbs three times per day for several days. I immediately noticed amazing improvement in the body pain! Even though I continued to have fever, the cough became manageable and my lungs have remained clear. I’m continuing to take the supplements daily in order to build my immune system! Thanks  Kim and all of my friends at Center for the Healing Arts!

From patient who tested positive for COVID 19....was also given additional herbs since symptoms had already begun 

before receiving herbs.

I came down with what I imagined to be was a slight cold or sinus infection. My symptoms included a runny nose, achy feeling, exhaustion and coughing. After the first round of the herb treatment I noticed I didn’t feel any worse. I slept fine. I took the recommended dosage for two more days and my symptoms abated. I think the warm liquid along with the medicinal properties of the herbs really helped clear my sinuses and open my lungs. The herbal cocktail seemed to serve as a good expectorant and a lot of phlegm, etc. came up out of my lungs. Also in the interest of full transparency I did not use any of the anti-stress drops.


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