Introducing Yao Yao’s Qi Gong Therapy:

Center for the Healing Arts is on the forefront of Mind-Body Medicine


Mindfulness is a bit of a buzz word these days, and rightfully so. Scientific studies have shown that mindfulness can positively affect your brain, reduce stress, decrease depression and even improve executive functioning and memory.

While relatively new in the west, though it is catching on with Fortune 500 companies and top executives worldwide, Mindfulness has been practiced in the Far East for centuries. 

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese form of Mindfulness that is a true mind-body system of health. Qi Gong combines movement and breath with mental concentration. Qi Gong is a mindful movement exercise that has been demonstrated to trigger the “Relaxation Response” and promote the expression of optimal health and wellness on the genetic level. The beauty of Qi Gong is that it is suitable for everyone.

Yao Yao (“Yo Yo”, yes, that is her real name) grew up in China and experienced first-hand the healing and health promoting benefits of Chinese Acupuncture, Herbs and Qi Gong. Her Grandmother taught her the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbs, cupping, gua sha and diet therapy) at an early age. At the age of 7, Yo Yo was selected by Yi Fu School of Classical Chinese Opera dance in Zhe Jiang Province of China and danced with them for 6 years.

Yo Yo, continued her studies in Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mindfulness Meditation and QI Gong with Grand Masters from China and Thailand. As a licensed massage therapist, she has trained extensively in the ancient healing arts. Yo Yo is one of the few practitioners to have trained at the famous Wat Po in Thailand and is a certified Qi Gong therapist under Master Jesse Tsao.   After continued studies in San Francisco, Seattle, London, Japan and a private “Anatomical Acupressure” internship with Dr. Houchi Dung she realized that by combining her signature style massage with Qi Gong movement based therapy she could not only treat her client’s systems but remove the cause of their complaints.

Yo Yo has successfully treated professional and Olympic athletes; however, her passion is to share the life-changing benefits of her Qi Gong therapy with everyone. She is very honored to share her unique Qi Gong therapy at Center for the Healing Arts in Fort Worth. Whether you have pain, stress or if you want to maximize your energy, focus and happiness, Yo Yo is ready to share her Qi Gong Therapy with you.

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