Viral Prevention Kits


These formulas, in a holistic way, help a person’s upper respiratory tissues become less susceptible to infection. The herbs in these formulas will help the body to process fluids in a safe way preventing accumulation of varying consistencies.  These formulas will also help to strengthen the immune system and balance the immune response. The pneumonia prevention formula has considerable anti-viral properties. 


Formula 1

  • Increase lung function

  • reduce phlegm/ fluid accumulation in the lung


Formula 2

  • Balance nutritive properties of blood + improves immune function

  • Release muscle layer 


Pneumonia Prevention Formula 

  • Contains strong anti-viral properties

  • Boosts lymphocytes, and balances constituents of blood.

  • Keeps the gut clear while allowing the body to process fluids in a safe way.

  • Helps nervous system to optimally perform while preventing spasm.

  • Strengthens immune system, balance immune response, and clears phlegm and excess damp from the lung


**WARNING** Pregnant women CANNOT take this formula due to one specific ingredient. Please call our Center for a custom pneumonia prevention formula.**


  • Boosts immune function, helps create a healthy barrier in the blood


Bach Rescue Remedy

  • Aids in relief of everyday stressors

  • Emotions and stress contribute to the dysregulation of our nervous system. The more  regulated we are emotionally and mentally, the healthier we are.

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