Herbal Therapy

We believe herbal therapy to be an integral part of healing. Therefore at the Center for the Healing Arts we provide many different types of herbs in order to expedite the healing process. Linda, Dr. Hanson and Kim are all certified as diplomates by the NCCAOM (National Commission for the Cerification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) in Chinese Herbal therapy.

Many conditions respond more favorably to herbs or a combination of herbs and acupuncture than to acupuncture alone. These include many hormonal disorders- PMS, hot flashes, night sweats, irregular bleeding, GI disturbances such as irritable bowel and leaky gut syndrome, skin conditions and various infections.

Depending on your preference, the severity of the condition and other variables such as prescription medications you may be taking, we will recommend what therapies we believe to be best for you.


Homeopathy may be needed for detoxification purposes or to bring miasms or deep seeded cellular toxins to the surface for the body to expel. They can also be used to help with emotional issues, nervous disorders and balancing the body. The beauty of homeopathy is the lack of interactions with prescription medications or other herbs a patient may be taking. We use a variety of homeopathics from different sources such as Apex Energetics, HVS, Metagenics and Pekana or we may offer you an energetic homeopathic devised specially for you from our bioenergetic stress testing machine (BEST).

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) employs herbs differently than Western herbs. Most herbal formulas contain many single herbs which work together synergistically to either tonify or sedate, to send the formula to a certain part of the body, to counteract any negative effects of other herbs in the formula, and to cause harmony in the formula and for the patient. Because of the specificity of action of these herbal formulas, they should never be taken without an evaluation by an acupuncturist or Chinese herbalist.

Our Herbal Medicines

We supply these herbal therapies in either powdered form to be taken as a tea, drops, capsules or tablets. We carry many herbal formulas from reputable herbal companies such as Evergreen Herbs, Golden Flower Herbs, Apex Energetics, NeuroScience and Standard Process to name a few.

Most western herbs and vitamins are readily available from local health food stores. Because of this, we only carry a small inventory of these substances with products specifically designed for easy absorption.

Because one cannot separate body, mind and spirit, emotional issues often prevent a person from reaching their optimal physical state. When we find these issues to be present, not only will we work on these issues with therapy, but will often recommend flower essences or aromatherapy which work on more subtle enrgies in the body. Often by using these modalities, patients can resolve longstanding emotional pain.

Herbal therapy can not be separated from discussions of lifestyle and nutrition. As herbs are concentrated food therapy, we must look at diet as also a means of getting the body back to a state of balance. The Chinese have a method of dividing foods into what effects each food has on the body. Depending on your condition, we may also ask you to exclude certain foods from your diet or to add others in order to achieve this balance.

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